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Choose the type of event, length of show and type of show from our great list.

There’s something here to suit everyone, if there’s not we can make it.

  • Corporate

    If you're looking for entertainment for your next corporate event you've come to the right place.
    With over 10 years experience, a professional service from booking right through to billing and a perfect host for every occasion look no further.
    With custom packages available nothing is out of the question.

  • Social

    Our trivia shows are a great way to get Arthur talking to Martha and are perfect way to get all your members joining in the fun.

  • Sports Club
    Sports Club

    We slam dunk the competition when it comes to catering for sports clubs!
    Our standard sports show is great, but why not funk it up with a customised round?
    We can have a round dedicated to your club's heroes and villains to give you a totally unique show.

  • Fundraiser

    Money money money. That's what we aim to raise for you and your chosen charity.
    Let us make your next fundraising event a major success.
    We will give you the blueprint to how a fundraiser should be run and can help take the stress out everything.

  • Something different
    Something different

    Planning something a bit different from the standard choices we have...
    Never fear, Funky Bunch is here.
    We can cater for every weird and wonderful event imaginable!

  • Main Event(5 rounds of 8 Qs 2 – 2.5hrs)

    Our standard length trivia show consists of 5 rounds of 8 questions. The shows last approximately 2 - 2.5 hours (longer for fundraisers) and is best suited where the trivia component is going to make up most of your nights entertainment.

  • Pressed for Time(4 rounds of 8 Qs 1 – 1.5hrs)

    Our Pressed for Time shows are as the name suggests for when you're pressed for time. 3 rounds of 10 questions and best suited for awards nights, gala dinners and the like where the trivia component is there as a little bit of extra entertainment for your guests. The shows last approximately 1 - 1.5 hours

  • Funky Classic
    Funky Classic

    The Funky Classic, as it's name suggests, is our most popular and recognised format.
    We have taken the best bits from our classic pub trivia shows and come up with a formula that's perfect for all you funktion needs.
    Best suited for Social and Sporting Clubs or Corporate Shows looking for a full night's entertainment.

  • Sport

    This show still has heaps of our favourite questions from the Funky Classic but is all about sport!
    A good mix of die hard sport facts, sport in pop culture and all the fun and games that has made Funky Bunch #1 in the world of trivia.

  • Nerd Alert
    Nerd Alert

    "NASA scientists have discovered a new form of life, unfortunately, it won't date them either." - Stephen Colbert
    Never fear nerds, we will play with you.
    Our standard shows are more aimed at having fun rather than proving how smart you are.
    This game is different.

  • Golden Oldies
    Golden Oldies

    If you think that the music's too loud, that kid's today don't know what hard work is and that Pitbull's a breed of dog this show could be for you. Questions in this show are specifically aimed at older crowds and perfectly suited to the lawn bowls team luncheon or the next retirement village fundraiser. Dust off you dentures and serve up the sherry, it's showtime!

  • xmas

    Deck the halls it's Christmas time, or the end of the financial year, which is often referred to as Christmas in July for some reason....
    Let us fill your stocking with trivia goodness at your next Christmas funktion....

  • 80s

    This is all about the decade that gave us Bon Jovi, Reebok Pumps and The Mario Brothers.
    Categories including TV & Movies, Sport, General Knowledge and Music.
    Bueller... Bueller... Anyone.... Anyone....

  • 90s

    With the lights out, it's less dangerous. Here we are now entertain us.
    Let us entertain you. We will need the lights on though.
    Categories including TV & Movies, Sport, General Knowledge and Music.

  • Music

    Know your Bach from your Beethoven... Probably not going to help you here.
    Know how to pick a song in reverse, pick a rock star from a serial killer or know how to belt out a song in karaoke... You could be in business.

  • Custom show
    Custom show

    Don't see what you're looking for?
    Never fear we can tailor a show to meet you specific needs.
    Nothing is out of the question.

At Funky Bunch we have a great stable of hosts and we work around the clock entertaining 365 days of the year.

We have run events for 12 people (3 teams of 4) to 600 people (60 teams of 10) and everything in-between. You might say we have all the answers...

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